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UK Spouse Visa Information Vol.1

  • 2011/11/28

If you are looking for more information to get a UK's spouse visa yourself, I'm going to add some information which might help you.
(This information was valid for October 2011).

This is a list of everything that we gave to the UK Border Agency.

- My passport photograph
- Printout of our online visa application
- My current passport
- My old passport
- Copy of her passport
- Sponsorship letter from her
- My family register and translation
- 22 pictures of us (to prove our relationship history)
- Receipt of registration of marriage and translation
- My bank statement
- Her Japanese bank book and translation
- Her bank statement ( to prove her savings in UK)
- Her invoice for her cellphone and translation (to prove that she is living at current address)
- My Certificate of Employment and translation
- My Score report of Pearson Test of English Academic
- Her Certificate of Alien Registration and translation (to prove that she was living at previous address)
- My Gas Bill and translation (to prove that I was living at previous address)
- Customer's copy of Tenant's Insurance and translation (to prove that we were living together in previous address)
- Letter from her parents (to confirm accommodation in UK)
- Copy of her parents' passports.
- Annual mortgage statement of her parents
- Notice of council tax and Scottish water charges of her parents
- My CV

All of these papers need photocopies except my passport photograph and the printout of online visa application. Usually applicants for a UK visa can't translate the papers by themselves, but it's allowed for the spouse visa. If I start to write about all of the small things we did, like the way to write each letter, I think I would have to make new blog, so I won't do it! But if you have some questions, you can ask me in the comment section of this post.
(This information was valid for October 2011).


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UK Spouse Visa - Global Migrate

UK Spouse Visa - Global Migrate

The UK Spouse Visa is also known as a UK Marriage Visa. This Visa allows spouses (married partners) To Global Migrate.

UK Spouse Visa

Contact Us:-
Head Office (pre booked appointments only)
International House,
39 Great Windmill Street,
Tel: +44 (0)207 993 4762
Fax: +44 (0)207 691 7969

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