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Vegan Doughnuts

  • 2011/11/26

Sweets that we were always looking for in Japan: Doughnuts!

Now I think Doughnut Plant and some vegetarian restaurants are the only shops we can get vegan doughnuts, so it's still very rare in Japan. When we wanted to eat doughnuts, we had to make them by ourselves. It was yummy though. (I'll put the address of vegan sweets blog at the end of this article, but it's all Japanese...)

My dream: vegan doughnuts... We found it so easily In the 2nd super market we went to around our house. And they were custard-filled....


It was so cheap too!! Maybe just for me?? Under £1 for 5 doughnutsssss!! I think vegan is not part of usual culture here yet, but still in this culture people don't put anything in the food that they don't need.
The taste was good too; not too sweet like Japanese doughnuts, just a good level of sweetness.

Are you a Vegan sweets geek?? Go to Co-op.

My favorite vegan sweets blog (Only in Japanese)


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