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London Vegan Tour 2012

  • 2012/03/07

I went to London last week. I'm going to post about the vegan life I experienced in London.



The first place we went was Vegan X which is owned by Secret Society of Vegans. Their name is already too cool. They are selling shoes, clothes. accessories, cakes, energy bar, drinks and so on. Of course these are all vegan. Our bags were too heavy, so we only got Luna Bar and cup cake this time.
For dinner, we went to inSpiral. They have a little bit of a hippy-ish atmosphere, and food was really nice. There were around 10 kinds of ice cream and yummy looking cakes also!



It was my birthday, so Rebecca and Mark gave me a slice of peanut butter cheese cake from inSpiral! Vegan cheese cakes don't taste like tofu in this country. They taste like cheese cake!
We went to Borough Market for lunch. It's a massive farmers market! Of course they are selling meat and cheese, but we can find the word, "Vegan", in so many places. And the vegetables looked so fresh. We got a cup of soup, and a vegan hamburger set from one of the stalls. The open atmosphere makes everything good!
 For my birthday dinner, we went to Saf. Everything is vegan and they are famous for the nice raw foods. It's expensive, so I would recommend this restaurant for vegans who want to have stylish vegan night out. I ate the "Trio of raw cheeses", "Seitan piccata and kale salad" and "butternut squash raw cheese cake", and almost died because of theirs incredible deliciousness...



We went to Brighton which I heard is a bit of vegan and vegetarian paradise. There are more than 10 vegetarian or vegan restaurants and cafes in the city centre that are close enough to walk to. For lunch today, I ate Thai curry at Food for Friends which was established in 1981. More than half of the dishes have vegan options.
In the shopping area called the lanes, there is the shop of Vegetarian Shoes which is making high quality vegan faux leather shoes.
We started to drink beer around 7pm in the pub, got takeout chips between the pubs, and enjoyed the traditional British unhealthy vegan life.



Sarah made oat pancakes for Mark and Rebecca for a nice Sunday brunch.
 After eating brunch, we went to Camden Market near inSpiral and found a vegan sweets stall selling massive sandwich cookies and chocolate cakes and brownies. It was too big to bite and made me feel happy!
We also ate pita bread, hummus, baba ghanoush and beet salad in a middle eastern restaurant inside the market. Their baba ghanoush was the best ever in my life. We found both of them in massive market, so I don't know where they are now...



Last day. Before we leave London, Rebecca took us to an Indian vegetarian buffet restaurant called Indian Veg. It's only 4.50 for all-you-can-eat! Of course everything is vegetarian and almost all food was vegan! The walls are covered by vegetarian propaganda posters! It was like a dream world. I ate it until I almost died.
The last is Vegan X again! We bought some stuff including Ms. Cupcake and went back to Scotland! At last, I want to say thank you to Rebecca, Mark and Owen!


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Looks wonderful

Nice pictures! I can't wait to get to London to see some of this, thanks for the post!

  • Name: Karen
  • 2012/07/09
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