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Japanese foods in Scotland Vol.1

  • 2011/11/25

We went to the largest chinese supermarket named 'Pat's Chung Ying Chinese supermarket'.

Pat's Chung Ying Chinese supermarket

I think I don't need to talk about this in here,,, but it's too windy... I don't know if it's because of this wind or just because it's too much of a bother for them, but nobody is using a umbrella.
It took 20 mins by bus to get to this supermarket. We could find them easily because of the big sign outside and inside is the same size as small supermarket. Inside the store looks very simple.

At first, here is the food we got today!
-Natto 2 set (8 packs)
-Rice noodles
-bamboo steamer
-Maitake mushrooms
-Dried seaweed (konbu)
-Toasted nori sheets
-Kinugoshi (silken) tofu
-Breadcrumbs (Japanese style panko)
-Fried Tofu
Total was around £27. Of course, everything was vegan.

Natto and maitake were two things that I thought I couldn't buy in Scotland. The price was double that of Japan, but I'm so glad I could find them. Even if it was four times the price, I think I would have bought them.
And I almost shouted when we found the breadcrumbs because we couldn't find them anywhere after 4 days of searching.

Also today, we didn't buy it, but we found frozen Udon and Ramen which looks yummy. And also It was vegan! I heard that imported japanese foods sometime can be vegan because of some import/export laws (e.g. Japanese curry, shin-ramen and so on...).

It's not so close from our house, so maybe we can't go that much. But still It's so helpful. If there is somebody who want to eat real Japanese food around there, I would totally recommend it to them!


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